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Around and around in circles we run,
chasing our failures
and trying to catch grace in our buckets of good deeds,
until we realize that all we can possibly do
is stop and wait
and stand in the way
of the flood

Personality Typing

Anyone who has had any lengthy conversations with me over the last 10 years knows that the topic will eventually come round to ‘personality type’. I cant help it. Having been interested in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for some time I have built up quite a repertoire of knowledge and was confident to analyse almost everyone around me and make an educated guess as to what box to put them in. I have harassed family and friends for years trying to ‘work them out’. Some (kinder) members have humoured me and reluctantly appreciated the personality testing and subsequent deeper (ahem) understanding of themselves and others. Other family members only just tolerated my obsession and one only converted once undertaking the ‘team building exercises’ via work. Hah! This still counted as a victory in my book!

I did however come to the end of this obsession after exhausting the available lay information on the web and local library books. Some would say I had to detox from my addiction but that i…

Busy day

6-9am rush. Madness every day. Rosie commented on Facebook that she felt she was stuck in Groundhog Day. It is so like that sometimes.

Yoga. Should start every day with yoga. Whatever, who am I kidding. But I am certainly getting stronger. (We will ignore the inner calm and ability to focus on the present for the time being). Actually the inner was calm today.

Supermarket. Seem to be there all the time. Am on conversation basis with staff, and can continue where conversation finished last time. Should try and remember names – they do wear name badges.

Lunch with friends was very nice, enjoyed sitting and eating rather than eating on the run like usual. Very pleasant social time in the middle of the mother madness. Am certainly enjoying the time in my life where this is possible.

Routine check up for Z today did not go as expected. Lovely Paed who has been monitoring Z for three years or so has been concerned but taking a wait and see approach. I thought she’d grown but it seems weight a…


Fallout from the major sports weekend is now hanging on the clothes-line -
4 Phoenix t-shirts, 6 Phoenix t-towells (not sure how I got six)
3 Hurricanes tops, 2 Tee-ball tops, 2 pairs Tee-ball pants, running shorts and top and plenty of smelly left socks, thankfully garnished with two sets of ballet leotards, tights and skirts.

Hubby has informed me that a trip to Melbourne for his birthday may be on the cards if the Phoenix win on the 7th. I hope they do, he would love that and could do with something exciting. The property-banking market in Wellington, although not going down the toilet as anticipated certainly has different rules than two years ago.

"Meet the teacher" at school today. E & J teacher very nice, firm and fun from what I can gather. Enjoys plenty of sport and physical activity which will be good for my active little men. J particularly seems to have some chemicals coursing through his body that causes him to be in constant motion. I said to the teacher that h…

It is a blog after all

What a weekend! I will need to go to work tomorrow to relax! Started the weekend as all good weekends should be started by watching a much anticipated movie ‘Bright Star’. The biography/period film about John Keats’ three year romance with Fanny Brawne before he died at 25 of TB. Reviewers promised it would be fantastic. I did wonder though if it would be a little ‘air brushed’, but it was perfect; understated, real and natural and of course powerfully heart wrenching as the two loves balance their magnetism to each other with societal obligations, and eventually Keats’ sickness and death. Fanny’s interest in Keats catalyses her interest in poetry and Keats passion for Fanny ignites his inspiration to write some of what we know today as literary classics. It amazes me that Keats died not attaining any recognition for his work, and believing he was a failure, but I guess that is true of so many ‘artists’.

Saturday morning challenges… Boys needed to be at T-Ball in Paremata, girls needed…