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I think I may be happy

Oh my goodness, the absense of something to moan about is a wonderful state of being.... It may just be the absense of PMT.

The way to a woman's heart

is writing a song for her. Actually thats really not true. I have had four different songs written for me (that I know of) by four different, obviously infatuated suitors, and absolutely zero by the man who won my heart. But, suffice to say it is an incredibly romantic display of love (lust or obsession) to the subject of their affection and one I will instill in my (poor unsuspecting) sons.

Just Me

I was awake till 2.30 this morning, enjoying the quiet of my house with everyone else asleep. I watched 3 movies, and wrote in my journal enjoying the few moments when I am completely and only me. Not Mum, not wife, not friend, lover or daughter. Not school committee member, not advisor or employee. Just me. If I ever wished for a super power it would be that I never had to sleep. I would like every one else to keep sleeping. I love being awake by myself. Unfortunately the next days follows and I regret the lack of REM & non REM.