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End of an era

I am not a naturally routine or habitual person.I am quite possibly the opposite of compulsive or obsessive.I go with the flow; am spontaneous and reactive – I clean things when they need cleaning, I don’t have change-the-beds-Tuesday or clean-the-kitchen-Monday or anything like that.I would like to, it’s just not part of my make-up.When my twin boys were new babies however, routine became part of my survival startegy.  Time efficient techniques helped maintain a sense of control in my day.I started hanging washing on the line in the order I was going to take it in again, and folded it as I brought it in.Boys’ clothes, daughter’s clothes, number two daughter’s clothes, my clothes, his clothes, towels; each item had its place on the line, and piles in the basket.  It was put away immediately.  It took a little longer to hang out and bring in but avoided piles of unfolded washing in the lounge or spare room.  I cringed when another person kindly hung out or took my washing in, without u…