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Arrogant first years

Freud is definitely out of favour at the Vic Uni psychology department. Freud's theories have been refuted a dozen times during the year, most recently in a presentation of repressed memory theory.The lecturer suggested that there is little scientific support for repressed memory, that traumatic memories behave in much the same way as other memory.The emotion works as a memory enhancer but accuracy of the memory is not improved by the confidence in which is it remembered. The lecturer’s statement on the matter is that there is more evidence that traumatic memories are dealt with by our brains in much the same way as other memories are.My initial introduction to the domain of scientific and psychology research tells me that just because there is evidence of a tendency for behaviour in one regard – this does not illiminate legitimate alternative experiences.If most of us have IQs between 80 and 110 – that does not mean that some will not have IQs below or above these figures.If there…

My flavour of feminism

I am sitting in a studio, watching my nearly 16 year old daughter dance. I enjoy watching her graceful fluid movements; telling a story with her body. I am very much the biased proud mother, but objectively, she is talented and may well pursue a dance career.

Technology is allowing me to also sit here, surreptitiously (or not so as my daughter later points out) reading my facebook updates. In my life that’s a mix between personal family connections, community event updates and special interest blogs. Currently I am following not-too-friendly fire between two self professed feminists, each on different sides of a familiar debate. Where should a feminist sit on the issue of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding, some would say, restricts a woman to the role of mother, something that feminists have been fighting against for decades now. Some argue infant formula frees women from the restrictions of mothering, enabling her to share the load. Some say that formula companies engage in immoral market…