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What a weekend! I will need to go to work tomorrow to relax! Started the weekend as all good weekends should be started by watching a much anticipated movie ‘Bright Star’. The biography/period film about John Keats’ three year romance with Fanny Brawne before he died at 25 of TB. Reviewers promised it would be fantastic. I did wonder though if it would be a little ‘air brushed’, but it was perfect; understated, real and natural and of course powerfully heart wrenching as the two loves balance their magnetism to each other with societal obligations, and eventually Keats’ sickness and death. Fanny’s interest in Keats catalyses her interest in poetry and Keats passion for Fanny ignites his inspiration to write some of what we know today as literary classics. It amazes me that Keats died not attaining any recognition for his work, and believing he was a failure, but I guess that is true of so many ‘artists’.

Saturday morning challenges… Boys needed to be at T-Ball in Paremata, girls needed to be at Ballet, at St James theatre. Hubby away for the weekend. Hmmmm tricky. The lure of coffee and a paper was too great so I arranged the boys to go with a friend and traipsed off into town with the girls. The Royal NZ Ballet arranges workshops for young dancers alongside whichever ballet they are doing. Two happy girls, two happy boys. Very happy mum. Its quite entertaining watching the city life walk past. Pink mohawks, various piercings, man walking down the street carrying a bag of at least 50 burger buns, people in their togs sitting on their window ledges. As we walked to the car we passed a bra in the gutter and as I inwardly giggled, my innocent ten year old wondered if someone had dropped it out of a suitcase or something. Causing me to inwardly giggle again.
Aaron rang at about 11 to say he had completed his run and was now in the support crew and a general catch up. The fact that I was sitting in the sun outside a café reading the paper belied the crazy nature of my 'solo parent' weekend, and once again confimred to Aza to that my life is one long coffee morning, but I must admit it is pretty great at the mo. The kids are growing up, there are so many opportunities to stop and drink coffee, and enjoy a fine Wellington day, even if it did include reading far more than necessary about Terry Seripisos.

Lovely weather continued, and we pottered around in the afternoon, a bit if gardening, a bit of sandpitting, and bit of floating leaves down the driveway curbing. In the evening I took the boys to the Hurricanes game which we won forty something twenty something (paying v close attention!). It was great just sitting there, in the sunshine for the first half, chatting away to the boys. We must have looked like true supporters in our matching Hurricanes tops, and were on the big screen 5 times and photographed! The family at home spotted us too. It wasn’t too busy so we could spread out, making it much less dangerous for our neighbours when the boys waved their Hurricanes flags! The only thing that annoys me about the rugby is the relatively new addition of cheerleaders. They make me feel very uncomfortable. The dancing is fine if not overtly a practice run for stripping, but however what gets me is when the scantily girls walk around the ground and get leared at and attract sexual comments. What part of this is ok? The girls just have to smile sweetly and pretend it’s not offensive, and really the purpose of them being there is to be perved at anyway. My boys loved it – but at this age it had more to do with the free rugby balls they were throwing out. It will come I am sure. The male streaker did nothing for me, and caused much conversation with E about why anyone would do that. The best I could come up with was that he thought it was funny, which did not make nay sense to E whatsoever.

Late night, read my book for far too long, and was kept company by my adoring cat Sam who must have known I would feel alone without my man there, and slept pretty much on my head!

Sunday, another crazy morning. On church music so invited my sister in law to church under the pretence of needing her babysitting services, or utilized her babysitting skills under the pretence of inviting her to church, not sure which. But she had a great experience which thrilled me to pieces. She found it warm, welcoming and real, so that is all good. Loving church at the mo. Music team is gelling seem to be enjoying what we are doing. Finally feel at home. Even taught myself some stress relief techniques which worked. Met a very new, very little, baby today. Remembered that J was that small when he was born, although hard to imagine now.

Phoenix FC secured a home A-League premier match, so thought should show support and go along. Man, rugby has nothing on football for crowd support and atmosphere. The thing that annoys me about soccer is the Hollywood falls, but at least there are no cheerleaders. And they won…. After 90 mins of game, 30 mins of extra time and a penalty shoot out.

Home to relieve the second (paid) babysitter for the weekend and discovered that bush area in Titahi Bay has been on fire for hours. From Papakowhai the fire is stunning, awe inspiring and terrifying. In fact I used to have dreams that Titahi Bay was on fire. I am sure it was a fear of being out of control or some such psychological reason, rather than a premonition, but its very eerie. There was quite a contingent of residents at the various good vantage points in Papakowhai, and a considerable amount of social interaction in amongst the awe and shock. This is community.

Its 1.18am. Must go to bed…


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