Trump may be the best thing that’s happened to the planet

When sleeping women wake, mountains move – Chinese proverb

I vowed to remove myself from all forms of media, social and otherwise to hibernate from the Trump winter that was about to descend as of the inauguration.  The women’s uprising (what else can you call it?) saved me from my despair, renewed me with hope, made me feel like I was in my own episode of Star Wars and part of the rebellion and revolution against the dark side of the force.  Cos Trump isn’t evil as much as frighteningly normal.  It’s a side of human nature – and its obviously prevalent.

Like an outlaw moving into town, shooting up the locals and scaring people, the Trumpster has run roughshod over many painstakingly fought - one wonders what the fuck is he is thinking – the arrogance of the man to think these things are, what? The inane decisions of years of research down the toilet in 4 short days.  It beggars belief…
  •  Unravelled the state medical care package that provided extra and accessible healthcare to 100,000 s of more people (I will admit my economic understanding of the implications of Obamacare and indeed American policy are limited
  • Cancelled international funding if it supporting fertility choices in other countries (in particular supported medically assisted abortion)
  • Cancelled funding and changed the message to the EPA and maybe restricted climate change messaging
  • Backed out of the TPP (again I’m ambiguous about the economic/legal implications of the TPP)
  • Restarted oil lines that had been halted like the Keystone and DAPL – interestingly Trump has financial interests in these endeavours
Oh and he still wants to build a fucking wall, paid for by the poor buggers he hates so much.
Makes me wonder how one person can have so much power, maybe I don’t understand the nature of Presidential
Executive Orders, but surely there is a process for some of these things to happen? Doesn’t he have to get
democratic support for major decisions such as these. Its despairing.

There are more - I got tired of documenting them.
But the part of me that is excited, in a ‘join the revolution’ kind of way, thinks that Trump may be the catalyst to motivate people out of their complacency, or feelings of helplessness, or protectionism or self-preservation or whatever – for women to find to their voice and power, for minorities to say actually fuck you, you bully – and for all of those of us who see the pain and suffering, prejudice and evil in the world and say enough is enough.  I know its not just women.  I’m no man-hater. I do truly believe that we can walk forward together, and any change of true equality is good for both/all genders/people. But Trump is such a stereotypical representative of the patriarchy, in the same way that Vadar was a stereotype of what comes from turning to the dark side – that the movement will reek of feminism – it will go down in history as a feminist rebellion in the face of the strongest obvious leader of white, male patriarchy since… Hitler? To be fair they are probably all the same -but Trump is so extremely ignorant, arrogant and divisive, for me there is no come back, there is no.  moderation saves some men as leaders, they are able to at least say what they think others want to hear – allowing women in particular to ‘put up with it’ for just a little longer.  But Trump does no such thing – his complete disdain for moderation, for attempting to win people, and lack of awareness that he needs others will be his ultimate downfall.  He will bring about his own demise. He is so backwards on so many issues - reprodcution, claimte change, science in general, economic, global issues... he may just have done the planet a favour and woken a sleeping giant.

We may just on the verge of a new world order.  A New Hope


Fiona Baumann said…
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

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