Fallout from the major sports weekend is now hanging on the clothes-line -
4 Phoenix t-shirts, 6 Phoenix t-towells (not sure how I got six)
3 Hurricanes tops, 2 Tee-ball tops, 2 pairs Tee-ball pants, running shorts and top and plenty of smelly left socks, thankfully garnished with two sets of ballet leotards, tights and skirts.

Hubby has informed me that a trip to Melbourne for his birthday may be on the cards if the Phoenix win on the 7th. I hope they do, he would love that and could do with something exciting. The property-banking market in Wellington, although not going down the toilet as anticipated certainly has different rules than two years ago.

"Meet the teacher" at school today. E & J teacher very nice, firm and fun from what I can gather. Enjoys plenty of sport and physical activity which will be good for my active little men. J particularly seems to have some chemicals coursing through his body that causes him to be in constant motion. I said to the teacher that he was cocky and thinks he knows everything. As a result he will give everything a go and usually thinks he will be right. She was quite taken aback and said she had never heard a parent say that. Oh dear maybe I am a bad parent. She found it quite funny, and said it’s usually she who needs to point those sort of things out to parents! I said that we certainly did not have rose coloured glasses.

I knew Z’s teacher already as she was C’s teacher a few years ago. She is an experienced and arty teacher – very good for Zoe. Zoe’s biggest challenge continues to be her eyesight and she may need bifocals or two pairs of glasses which is not a particularly workable solution for a ten year old. Indecision will very likely lead to doing nothing for another year.

Charities – the community organisations that impress me and I choose to support are those that have grown out of the passion of a person or group of people who have become influential to those around them. The Waitangirua Action Group (dealing with graffiti) and Porirua Community Guardians (part of Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust) are just normal people seeing a need and filling that need to make our city a safer place – and it does work. After reading The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell I became much more enthusiastic and focussed on the ability of the average people to make a difference and I have seen it happen in these organisations. I also tend to gravitate to organisations that have volunteers at the coal face ie LLL, Pregnancy Help, Refugee Services people who dedicate their time for no other reason than to help another person adjust to a new role, responsibility, community. They make a difference to one person at a time and the trickle effect flows.

I have come to hate being called at 6pm by a business and usually cut off the caller. It has made me think who I support and be more active in that support. I logically realize that it is a necessary option for some charities to engage a business to make cold calls and take 30% of the donation as an admin fee, but I don’t like it and refuse to give money over the phone. Although there have been exceptions. I have given money to Lifeflight Trust, Refugee Support Services, Safer Streets Trust and Support for Families dealing with Suicide – but I would rather give money directly.

The call for enrolments has come from the school that we want Z to go to next year, and is very likely attend as she is following her sister and has preference. This has raised the question once again of where we might like to send the boys when the time comes (crazy to be thinking about it now I know) but I have had a few conversations with the mothers of the boys’ friends and I am encouraged that there is certainly hope if not trust in the local school for that group of kids. They do have great friends and peer group can make a huge difference. Aaron’s catholic nana has said that she will sort enrolments for the boys to the catholic boys college of her choice, so that’s lovely and slightly mafia-ish. I dare not ask whether it’s God she’s in with, or the priest that she will twist the arm of. But if that happens, all the males in our house will be catholic and all the females protestant. We might have to put up a wall or something and buy guns.


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