Busy day

6-9am rush. Madness every day. Rosie commented on Facebook that she felt she was stuck in Groundhog Day. It is so like that sometimes.

Yoga. Should start every day with yoga. Whatever, who am I kidding. But I am certainly getting stronger. (We will ignore the inner calm and ability to focus on the present for the time being). Actually the inner was calm today.

Supermarket. Seem to be there all the time. Am on conversation basis with staff, and can continue where conversation finished last time. Should try and remember names – they do wear name badges.

Lunch with friends was very nice, enjoyed sitting and eating rather than eating on the run like usual. Very pleasant social time in the middle of the mother madness. Am certainly enjoying the time in my life where this is possible.

Routine check up for Z today did not go as expected. Lovely Paed who has been monitoring Z for three years or so has been concerned but taking a wait and see approach. I thought she’d grown but it seems weight and growth velocity has slowed over the last year compared to previous years. Coupled with delayed bone age (bone age? Surely her bones are the same age as her muscles and skin? Apparently not) which is four years behind, she is a bit of mystery. Paed has been in communication with endocryn at each check up who wanted to see her if this happened so I imagine we will get a referral to him in due course. Paed has ordered repeats of screening tests taken 2 years ago including celiac’s (which, although a challenge, would be a nice tidy explanation) plus extra tests for bowel and kidney function. I do wonder maybe if monitoring growth this closely does throw up weird results along the way and causes unnecessary concernt hat will eventually alleviate itself, but at the moment I am going with the flow. I really pray for wisdom right now to know how to handle it all. She seems happy and healthy, just small… v small and not growing… much. Sigh. It does make her fairly cheap to clothe.

When C came home from dancing tonight she went over some of what she learnt in class in the hallway. I was struck again by how elegant and graceful she is, and still wonder if she is actually genetically mine. Still anticipating a letter saying, Sorry Mrs Taylor, we swapped your baby with someone elses at the hospital. Even if that happens I think I will keep this one – I quite like her. I really look forward to see if she pursues dancing in the future. It really does not seem that far away that she will be making big life choices. Only a few short years…

Was completely uninterested in responding to C’s request for French plaits in her hair this evening, but so glad I did as found incredibly odd looking mole / skin thing on her head. Brown circle with raised white inside. Even Aaron who is generally non-fazed by anything remotely health related, was concerned. Another doctors visit methinks, stat.

People ask me all the time if having twins is hard. They are usually referring to twin babies. Depending on the mood I am in at the time, my answers can range from sarcastic to good natured humour to stoic to matter of fact. It is, after all, a fairly stupid question. However, today I did think to myself that I would have twins again rather than have one 8 year old boy with ADHD. Now that’s the mother who I take my hat off to…

Church music practise tonight. Team seems to be enjoying being together and both tonight and last week chatted for some time after practise. The conversation moved from the increase of total immersion baptism in the Catholic church to whether the Catholic church should and would review the celibacy requirement for its priests, and finally on to the wider topic of gay members of church fellowship and the challenges they face. Had an objective realisation that I am quite liberal in this debate.

The boy’s teacher has a large banner across one wall of her classroom that says something like “Do the right thing” or “Doing the right thing” – she uses it as a central phrase for many conversations. Are you doing the right thing? What would the right thing look like, if you are not doing the right thing, what do you think you could do to change it? What choices do you have? I really liked it, I think I will adopt it at home. It makes for a very good vehicle for discussion and makes decision making an objective process even for a child, rather than focussing on internalising to far and being good or bad. It’s all about choices, while not ignoring morality ie the ‘right’ness of a situation and value based choices.

Third night of the Final Season of Lost and I am lost, but I have had five years of being lost and am getting used to the uneasy feeling of not knowing what the hell is going on.

Another day, I am enjoying this. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this for years…


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