Ms Clark

What a day. I wonder about the prime minister, not this one, the previous one, the one with oestrogen. I don’t know why I think about her every time I have ‘hormonal’ days, but I do. Maybe she has good B vitamins or something - apparently they help. Maybe it’s a good boost; like a power surge. I needed a bit of tenacity today alongside the people-pleasing diplomacy that comes much more naturally. There were a few difficult work conversations on my ‘to-do’ list, ironing out a new contract and its rocky procedures. I decided to challenge an email sent to one of our employees in regards to the outworking of this contract, and did not relish the task. However, I outlined my argument, my displeasure and my requests directly and without emotion. I managed to get people moving and give me answers. I am a power pack of oestrogen and self-importance. I may take on the country.


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