Another weekend goes by in a blurr...

I had a lot of work to do on Friday. Did I get any done. No. Ah well, there is the rest of my life.
Lunch with Em & J talking absolute bollocks is always fun. Same place, same coffee, same verbal rubbish - it's great.

After school I had my usual crazy house full of bodies - three sets of twins, three ten year old girls, two teens. Later, eight adults, pizza and a lot of chatter. It's nice as these are not our usual friday night buddies, who are away in Christchurch.

Great day. I think I may have met my human contact quota for day for sure, and then some!

Awake at 4. Up at 7. Sigh. Girlfriend visits on her new motorbike at 7.30 am. Interesting! Aaron takes the bike for a quick spin before heading off to a businesshouse soccer tournament. I have some work to do and that takes up the morning and until 1pm. I relent to the girls' endless requests to go to the mall, mainly as I need to buy a 4oth present anyway. I don't find malls pleasant at all, but these things need to be done some times. Finding the perfect gift for her proves tricky as none of the shops sell sleep or sanity.

The super hero twin mothers are off to our 4th friend's 4oth birthday celebration. She is one of the world's best people (not sure of her superhero persona, will have to remedy that), and I am pleased that they had speeches to acknowledge her in such a public forum. Although reluctant I get nominated as the spokesperson for our multiple-birth-club contingent and manage to pull off something funny, touching and thoughtful. Who knows how, as its late, I am tired and nervous.

The boys and I venture off nice and early to the supermarket for groceries and survival kit supplies, and then The Warehouse for boys pants and coloured pencils. We come out of The Warehouse having not found any pants and forgotten the coloured pencils, but $80 worth of books. Oh well. My priorities are obvious.

Spent afternoon reorganising house after busy weekend including organising survival kit, cooking for a family member who has just had an operation, before heading off to netball. For some reason my body is sore and I am less than enthusiastic (probably as its raining), so am fairly chuffed after having a great game, myself and the team, and even winning - a rare occurance.

Came home to dinner with family and then spent a few hours doing some work, of which I have a bit more to do once I have put kids to bed.

So my weekend has been full and crazy and beautiful. I have such a shrapnel approach to life, and can never really focus on anything that takes more than an hour and a half. It's hardly surprising that I often feel a little frantic.

I have tucked kids into bed, one having fallen asleep with the light on as usual. I plan to tuck myself into bed very shortly with a book, of which I expect to read three and half pages before they start blurring...


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