I’m back – full of inanity and verbiage, not always in that order.

A rooster woke me up this morning. Some crazy person has introduced a flippin rooster to the otherwise farm animal free zone of suburban Papakowhai. I give it 3 weeks before someone goes on a suburban style hunting trip. Or is that a poaching trip?

It’s been a busy week. The girls had curriculum and performance exams for dancing on Monday and Tuesday. It’s been a while since I have seen Miss C dance and I enjoyed the jump in skill level that was apparent. She is quite lovely.

After a few wet days reminding us it was almost winter, Saturday was a beautiful day. The boys had a great game of football in the morning. There was quite a contingent of support for the Taylor boys; two parents, two aunties, two uncles, one cousin, one great aunt. Master J entertained the entire sideline by calling for a video ref (by hand signals) for a dodgy call made by the (admittedly amateur) parent-ref. It was a very pleasant and sun-filled start to an otherwise tiring day of taxiing children and food around the Wellington region.

The following day, I had to choose between singing at church and attending the boys soccer tournament. I have to admit that I had to think about it before deciding I really should be a good mummy and go to the soccer! Oh dear. But it was lots of fun. Our band of merry parents won the ‘best dressed’ award and a voucher to take the team to the pool. As our team is called the Wolves, some clever person came up with the idea of the Kevin Costner movie Dances with Wolves. Before I knew it, I was standing on the side of Endeavour Park in Whitby in a sack dress, facepaint, plaits and feather headband, whooping like a native American Indian, and unfortunately there are photos to prove it. It was quite clever to have a distinctive look and an accompanying noise! Our children are on the cusp of being excited with the support and being horribly mortified. Not sure we will get away with it next year.

I did smile smugly each time either of my boys came to me for a cuddle during injuries. My tough little men still need me to kiss it better occassionally. I know that I am borrowed time for this one.

Had a look at a house in Papakowhai (further away from the rooster), main attraction – six bedrooms and two living areas. Quite liked it. Topped off the week with netball, the forty minutes in the week where my mind is so focussed on something I dont have to think. I really do think too much I have decided. Mental note to self - think less.


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