Just another day

Physical...I am loving indoor netball, but am a little perturbed by the two people who have laughed at the thought of me playing netball. I must come across in a different way to how I feel. Wouldn't it be great to get an outsider’s viewpoint of yourself and see yourself as the world sees you. I would really love to get a completely objective perspective of myself one day. Maybe I wouldn't. I have re-discovered my physical nature having been masked for some years in the physical demands of incubating, feeding and nurturing young people with no extra energy to use in recreational activities. I recognise myself in my daughter who is an incredibly physical being. I now have time to explore this side again and realise that your true nature never dies. Even as you mature, you are still you if you allow yourself to be. As a young woman in youth group days I was the the one playing scrag, rugby and all games while the other girls didn't want to get hurt. The boys didn't really know how to take me, either hang back and play safe or take me on as an equal. I actually got a hairline fracture in my collar bone once after being sandwiched between two brothers. I am sure they felt more guilty as I was a girl. It’s a great time in my life to rediscover who I am... again. I have started running and enjoying the physical exertion of pushing oneself. It’s perfect for letting off steam, pent up anxiety and letting your mind wander to the rhythm of your body.

Emotional...Mother’s Day started off with cuddles; how every day should start. Everything else after that was just a bonus. Breakfast, presents, heart-warming messages from my kids who are now old enough to organise themselves rather than be organised. Day ended wonderfully in multi-generational celebration of the women in Aaron’s family, of which there are quite a number and even a few who had popped over the Tasman ditch.

Mental...As happens in my work fairly regularly, I had a lunch with a unusual mix of people from different backgrounds and careers – from one of Wellington’s top property celebs to a well known retired publisher, and his son the publisher cum writer, to a boutique children’s publisher and an architect. Conversation meandered from gossip from recent parties to the latest and best novels and publications to what’s happening in which building where. Didn’t get much work done today but thrived on the stimulation of conversation and interesting people. In that way my job is great.


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