Asthma is an interesting condition. I have never had it before, but I seem to have developed a cough and restricted air passages from a recent bacterial infection, which is alleviated with ventolin, a default diagnosis of asthma. It has been an eye opener for me as to how my daughter feels, who does have asthma similarly and usually after the first virus of the autumn season. I sound like she does, I am tired and aggravated and lacking in oxygen. I am experiencing first hand the symptoms I watch her her go through every year.

But as is my custom, I have found it to be an interesting analogy of emotions.

Emotions are like breathing; ignored when under control. In, out, in out, involuntary, unnoticed, invisible. Emotions, as with breathing can be ignored when working well. Then something happens to upset the natural rhythm of the breathing. All of a sudden breathing becomes laboured as does life under emotional stress. Walking, talking, eating, and sleeping becomes an effort and you need assistance to loosen the restrictions in your chest. The even rhythm of breathing is foundational for all other biological functions. Emotional 'breathing' is foundational for all other life functions; psychological, mental, physical, instinctual.

Emotional medications; talking, honesty, forgiveness of self and others, all loosen the tightness and restrictions in your emotional centre, allowing you to breathe more freely, live more freely, love more freely, be more freely.


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