Todays adventures in Paradise

AA Again. 1pm. I am sitting in my car waiting for the AA (again). This time I think the battery is flat, although it doesn’t really sound like that. At least I had my lunch with me, and a brand new National Geographic. It would be nice if I could lie down and have a nana nap but I have to keep a look out for the AA guy to arrive. What astounds me is that every few minutes or so I try the ignition again (just in case) and not a single person has come to see if I need help, not staff member, not man, no one. I would not be able to do that. I would be compelled to see if I could do anything, and in car troubles I inevitably couldn't but I would have tried. I am disappointed. Everyone is obviously very busy... its pointless of me to think this, no one can help me and the AA is on its way. But still, I am miffed Thorndon, miffed!
Later... I am sitting in my office, my car has been towed to the Motor Doctors (it is actually called that). I have just finished my work and am waiting for hubby to pick me up to go home. The AA guy was very nice and completely made up for the lack of interest from other strangers. We had a nice chat about kids and soccer as my kids were missing theirs due to current car situation.

Word for the day. Quixotic, “not sensible about, or romantic disregard of, practical matters” or “caught up in the romance of noble deeds”. According to Abraham Maslow, humanist psychologist, men are more inclined to extremes, therefore the world has more male prodigies and more male idiots; which reminds me of the young man who cut off his penis because of love lost, a perfect case in point.

And then there was church. I have church music tonight and I really just want to go to bed. I have a wonderful ‘lung elixir’ that tastes like I imagine Janola tastes, but is fantastic. Man it has a kick and it has special instructions for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant so it must be good stuff. I think I will be sucking on the ventolin tonight too. This has given me an insight to how my wee ten year old asthmatic feels like – this is how she sounds, when she is unwell and weasing and coughing away. My spell checker does not like the word “weasing”, I wonder why.
I am starting a course on Saturday called Leading like Jesus, right now I am hoping that means we learn to turn water into wine. That would work in my life. Is that irreverent? I guess I will find out on Saturday. Lord help me.

Life in Paradise. I often think (and have wine-fuelled soap-box moments) about lost potential in our first world societies. We have exceptional resources at our disposal yet we tend to be fairly unsatisfied and under achieve. Surely we should all be Ghandi’s, Mother Theresas, Nelson Mandelas. I found a term for this... maybe only new to me; The Utopia Syndrome, coined by someone called Watzlawick, who I am yet to Google. The Syndrome renders us inert as we feel ‘My life should be rich, but I am living in banality and boredom; I should have intense feelings but I cannot awaken them in myself.” And with that treasured thought I am off to bed with my iPod and Dvorjak. Unsatisfied and definately under-achieved.


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