Mid week madness...

Peas. I committed the cardinal sin of motherhood yesterday and put peas in the bolognaise sauce. I dont know why, I know better than this. Mince dishes are very forgiving and you can hide a lot of evil vegetables, but not peas. It really should be illegal to put mince and peas together, ever. In tidying up the dinner table I discovered the error of my ways with stealthily placed peas only just hidden around the base of each plate. Never again.

Growing Up. My 14 year old is going through a chatty stage at the moment. She is being open with me and asking lots of questions about life. She can be very guarded so I am particularly enjoying that at the moment. She is enjoying the novel they are reading for English, and it would be the first I have not had to read with her and translate at every sentence, so that is good. It is a teen angst/coming of age novel so the language and concepts will be readily available to her. It seems to have hit the mark with many of the girls and initiating lots of discussion. I guess that’s what it’s all about. I feel very privileged that she is involving me in her discovery of the world.

Daylight savings ends this weekend, which means that I won’t be able to hang out washing on my washing line for a few months due to the lack of sun in that area. I am disappointed for two reasons. The first reason is that cleaning and drying the volume of family washing will become much more of an effort. The other reason is because during the warmer months it has become a habit to play classical music through the outside speakers while hanging out the washing, and bringing it back in. It’s a wonderful 10-30 minutes of my day, absorbing the music. I tend to listen to the same piece for a few weeks, just this time each day, till the piece is part of me, and until I am fairly sure I would recognize the music if I heard it elsewhere, and be able to identify the music and composer. It’s a very enjoyable education and it makes doing housework exponentially more pleasant. I will have to find another daily task that allows me to get something done while being able to concentrate on the music. Although the neighbours wont benefit from other methods!


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