I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. TS Eliot

(or take away cups as the case may be! LT)

This was my thought for the day, before reading the online newspaper – and made me realise how shallow my life is…

Margaret Page succeeded in starving herself to death in 16 days. I find that amazing, mind blowing and strangely admirable. I couldn’t do anything so determined. Although I have not lost my will to live. She was very smart, it was not an easy option but one very difficult for anyone to challenge although her (ex?) husband did try. I guess they would have had to subdue her with drugs and feed her intravenously if they were to force her to eat, and I guess this also raises its own ethical debate.

There was also a story that I first read this morning about a young man in a foreign country who cut off his manhood and threw it down a well, because the woman of his life chose to be with someone else. That is commitment. It takes cutting off your nose to spite your face to new extremes. I could not find the article when I went back to look for it and was not willing to Google search that one. I am not sure I want to know how many others have done this. I think it goes without saying that the action was a little short sighted.

But back to shallow things.

Oh dear – we do get passionate about our rugby don’t we. We even want to get passionate about the theme song for the World Cup. I love Dave Dobbyn and the “Loyal” song as much as the next Kiwi but really, it’s a kumbaya-round-the-camp-fire song, or a meeting-the-losing-national-team-off-the-airplane-song. The song they have chosen (even if it is English, like, from England) is awesome, funky, exciting and upbeat, with a bit more energy and excitement surrounding it.
Not that I care or anything…


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