Oh to be loved

Especially like 4 am this morning where hubby and I found we had been been invaded by two 6 year old boys, a 9 year old girl and at least one cat. The kids haven’t done it for ages and it amused me that they all woke and ventured to mum and dad’s bed on the same night. Dad eventually got up to get work-ready, and I was able to roll over and snuggle in behind boy number two. After a while I became aware that he was not asleep – his body too twitchy to be asleep and I opened my eye just a tad to take a look. He was quietly staring at me. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest not to smile. A minute or too later I checked again and he was still staring. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced. There is nothing like it. I definitely have different relationships with each of my children, and I have noticed differences between the female and male variety. This little man has been obviously different this last year. He does seem to be more aware of me and needing more cuddles. He has always been a firm daddy’s boy and apart from the breastfeeding side of things was usually quite happy in the arms of anybody. I am enjoying this Oedipal phase, and I am so pleased. I was starting to wonder if he needed me at all.

His twin brother on the other hand was born in an Oedipal phase. He would not have a bar of another person from the minute he arrived. I was it… always. Daddy has had to work very hard to get any sort of look in! They are so different. I can already see, as only a mother thinks she can, that one will look for a companion, and one will look for a soulmate. They already love in very different ways.


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