Ten years ago (in a few days) I named my precious new baby girl Zoe, actually if I am truthful Aaron named her but I loved it. Zoe; greek for rejuvenated life, the new life that God gives, as opposed to created life. I had planned to name her Regan, it seemed a fitting name for a baby sister for a Courtney, and I imagined a baby girl who woudl be a miniature Courtney. But she wasn't, here I was with this baby girl who looked nothing like my first baby and I was not going to call her Regan, it just didn't fit. Aaron went home that first night, as Dads do, and scoured the name book for names he liked. Megan, Chloe, Jemima if you will, all were possibilites but Zoe stuck out to me. Once I knew what it meant that was it. Zoe; rejuvenated life. My Dad, the epitomy of one who lived life to the full, had just passed away, much too early, and it was fitting to honour him by naming this precious new life, with him in mind. Much better than finding female versions of Murray or Stephan!

Live each day fully. Physically; run, walk, swim, be passionate, swing, ride, fall. Mentally; challenge yourself, read, discuss, discourse, find stimulating material, art, literature, science fiction, whatever makes you enjoy the moment, each moment. Emotionally; love wildly, face your fears, ask someone how they really are, make friends, drink wine, love fully and openly, allow yourself to be vulnerable.


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